A Day in the Life of a Registered Dietitian (on Nutrition Milestones)

A Day in the Life of an RD

Can you believe flavorRD has never had a “what I ate” food diary post? There have been travel reports and highlight reels, but for the most part you’ve only had the chance to glimpse into my diet a single meal at a time… until now!

My colleague and fellow RD Rachael Derr is one of the brilliant lovely ladies behind Nutrition Milestones, a private practice offering dietitian services here in San Diego. Committed to providing “nourishment through life’s biggest moments,” these women go beyond just nutrition counseling and truly share their passion for eating well to help families become their happiest and healthiest. Even if you’re not in southern California, you can get inspired through the articles and videos on their blog, which is packed with real-deal nutrition strategies and insights,Β from healthy eating during pregnancy to recipes so simple that you can make them with one hand tied behind your back (or, you know, while holding a baby).

Anyway, when Rachael came up with the idea to clear up misconceptions about the way RDs eat with a “Day in the Life” blog series, I was happy to take part.Β READ THE REST ON NUTRITION MILESTONES.

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