Instant Pot Hot Spot! New & Improved Landing Page for All Things Pressure-Cooking

Instant Pot Hot Spot!

This one is for all my friends out there who love Instant Pot as much as I do! This wonderful machine became my first pressure cooker nearly 4 years ago, and I’ve been testing recipes and posting my favorites here ever since. But lately, it’s been starting to drive me crazy that there hasn’t been a good way for readers to browse the growing collection and find what they’re looking for.

To solve that problem, today I’m launching my Instant Pot Index, a brand new corner of the site where I’m organizing and highlighting all things Instant Pot. It features a visual recipe index (!!!) organized by category, along with links to other handy resources like my user review, Instant Pot Pinterest board and my favorite tools/accessories. You can reach it from any page by using the new graphic link on the right sidebar, or the shortcut button on the site’s header menu.

To celebrate, you better believe I’m going to be filling out that fancy new recipe showcase! To start, I’ll be posting a new Instant Pot recipe every week over the coming month! Stay tuned for the first one later this week…

6 thoughts on “Instant Pot Hot Spot! New & Improved Landing Page for All Things Pressure-Cooking”

  1. Love this Idea!!! Seriously I have always been afraid of mine, My Hot Pot that is. I will try them all. Very Cool. (Chris your Bro and I worked together at my studio in Fort LadeeDa. Just so you know he is still one of my favorite people I have ever met. Weird I know but he leaves a lasting impression. And I miss him all the time.) CinCim

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