Announcing: Fueled By Instant Pot!

Good news, everyone! I’ve been cooking up a new-and-improved special spin-off site dedicated to Healthy Recipes and Meal Prep with Our Favorite Pressure Cooker. FUELEDBYINSTANTPOT.COM is the new home of all my Instant Pot content. 

For readers who subscribe via email, you are currently set up to receive updates from both blogs, although you now have the option to manage your subscription for each one separately (just follow the ‘update my preferences’ link at the bottom of any post email).

For readers who don’t subscribe via email – please consider signing up! My aspiration is to publish a cookbook, and I’m very grateful for everyone who can help support this goal by joining my list of followers. There are links to join on the right sidebar of both sites. You also get a free copy of my Instant Pot Freezer Meal Prep Kit!

I’m also setting up a Fueled By Instant Pot Instagram feed which will feature lots of practical meal prep tips and fun recipe ideas. Please check it out and follow along!

Truly, I have serious gratitude for the speed and convenience that Instant Pot has blessed upon my kitchen. I want to share what I’ve learned and cooked, and I hope you’ll find the same joy in keeping your family well-fed too!


  • Thanks to Clark Optimization for help with my content migration.
  • Much appreciation to my resident taste-testers, Grant and Lola Jane!

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