flavorrd is the endeavor of Mary Clare Fraker, a registered dietitian based in Florida San Diego Seattle Sequim, WA.

Interests include:

🍍 Food: There is no life without food. Food skills are life skills, so learning more means becoming better equipped to enhance our wellness, feed our loved ones, and avoid the various perils of conventional food systems. I’ve always been insatiably curious about the science of food, and over time this pursuit evolved into a career in culinary nutrition and food informatics – along with a leisure-time creative attraction toward gardening and developing recipes for my favorite kinds of simple, nutrient-dense foods.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Science: I am a curious human living in a complex universe. I look back fondly upon the years I’ve spent behind lab benches, and I will be a forever-student of biology and nutrition. Favorite rabbit-holes include metabolism, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, botany, pharmacology, and the countless interfaces between them.

🏞️ Nature: The kicker about science is that all of those fields, and every micro-observation within them, are part of the same vast, infinitely interconnected network… the natural world. It’s baffling and beautiful.

πŸŒ… Consciousness: Reality is an unsolved mystery… but here we are. Thanks for being here with me. I love you!


Business or pleasure, I’m always happy to talk food and nutrition! Let’s connect through Instagram, TwitterPinterest or Facebook (or send me a direct message with the form below).


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