My First Year as an RD

This time last year, the grisly scene above – probably familiar to some of you! – was a mainstay of my living room floor (the only place with enough room to spread out all of the materials I wanted at my fingertips). That’s right… Today I’m celebrating my first full year as an RD!

While becoming a registered dietitian was a major undertaking, from the years of classes, to the way-too-long-to-be-unpaid internship, to the final frazzled study sessions (Even Chuy seems to say, “Um… is everything OK??”) I’m confident that it was the best choice I could have made for my future. So I’m taking this milestone as an opportunity to share some of my perceptions from my experience so far. If you’re into it, come join in for a little #RDChat!

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Florida Faves

Whew, back to reality. I’m back in San Diego again after a long weekend in the small town where I grew up in central Florida, to see my brother get married. In typical Florida fashion, the nice weekend was punctuated with pretty severe thunderstorms (complete with tornado warning) exactly at wedding-o’-clock. But it didn’t slow us down from having the best weekend! My little dog Chuy even got to come; I was nervous about hauling him on a airplane, but he loves my parents’ farm so much that I had to bring him along. Not completely stress-free, but he was a pretty good boy!

I was so preoccupied with the whirlwind of family events, that I kind of completely dropped out of social media. Whoops. But I still want to share a few shots of the special local foods and experiences that I like to enjoy when I travel home. It’s a nice opportunity to look back and get inspired by the flavors of the region. So let’s enjoy these glimpses of Florida’s Treasure Coast through the eyes of a visiting native / foodie dietitian!

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Weekend Aspirations and Healthy Food on Pinterest

Happy Friday, friends! My latest kitchen experiments are in need of further testing, so no recipe today. Instead I’m stopping  by to say hello, share some blog housekeeping, and rejoice in the coming weekend.

Life can be a little exhausting sometimes, and I think we could all stand to benefit from taking a deep breath and spending some time on ourselves. My self-enriching goals for the weekend:

  • Breathe some fresh salty air at the beach (I love you, California)
  • Take a long run while enjoying the new episode of the always delightful Joy the Baker Podcast
  • Bust out the yoga mat and stretch out my body.
  • Kick back with the new issue of Cooking Light (my food magazine of choice!)
  • Cook lots of delicious food to share with you!

Finally, I’ve been doing some revamping of my Pinterest profile, including creation of a new board – “Super Healthy” – to help organize the recipes that most appeal to my dietitian sensibilities. When you’re in the throes of a health kick, look no further!

I love finding new sources for inspiration, and since you’re here you probably have great taste. Just kidding, but seriously, if we’re not already connected, follow me! While we’re at it, I’d love to see how you’re taking advantage of your weekend on Instagram, too. What are you planning for yourself?


Welcome to flavorrd! This site has been cooking in my mind for a long time, and I’m happy to finally share it with you.

My name is Mary. I have been an avid cook and baker as long as I can remember. My favorite pastime is hanging out in the kitchen, trying new techniques, recipes, and ingredients, and it continues to delight me that after so many years of kitchen experiments, there is still no shortage of projects on my cooking bucket list.


If you’re a food enthusiast, I’m sure you can relate to what makes these kitchen endeavors so satisfying. Cooking offers a creative outlet, and it’s a pleasure to share the craftsmanship with those you love. But on top of these benefits, what really keeps me cooking is the continuous opportunity to experiment and learn.

At heart, I’m a lover of learning. This manifested in my life’s path as becoming somewhat of a science nerd. Biology was my field of choice – I’m a sucker for the beautiful complexity of life – and through my college years, whenever I wasn’t mixing things up in the kitchen, I was playing scientist in the laboratory. Eventually, I was sensible enough to combine my obsessions with food and science, and enrolled in a graduate program in nutrition. Best decision I ever made! I studied, researched, and cooked my way to a master’s degree and became a registered dietitian (RD – hence the titular spelling, flavorRD).

This Fall of 2013 was the culmination of a lot of hard work – graduating with my M.S., finishing my dietetic internship, and passing the RD exam – but there were still some big dreams on my mind. See, I’m a native of Florida, and I returned home for grad school after finishing college in southern California. As much as I rejoiced in the plentiful conch fritters and Cuban coffee, I couldn’t help but realize that I left my heart on the west coast. I finally decided to take the plunge, pack up my life (boyfriend and dog included), and set out for a fresh start in our old neighborhood in San Diego. With this new beginning, I think it’s a perfect time to pursue one more long-held goal: to launch this blog and explore taking part in the web’s food and nutrition community.

Cross Country


As an RD, I have been trained to appreciate eating from a scientific perspective. Like all things in life, food and nutrition are infinitely complex, and there will always be something new to discover.

Looking forward in life, I’m seizing this opportunity to reach out to the other people out there who are obsessed with this stuff too. I hope this site can become a portal for more of this sort of interaction: a place to share ideas and inspiration, to discuss the finer points of nutritional science, and to integrate those goals to address the constant logistical struggle to simultaneously nourish our bodies and spirits.

It’s not easy to define in one post both where I’m coming from, and what I hope to achieve with this site… but I hope you’ll join me for more. Perhaps, if dreams come true, we will find a community where food-lovers, free-thinkers, health nut hobbyists, and nutrition professionals can converse, convene, and decide what to make for dinner.

Here’s to the future!