Edible Yardwork: Year 2

Following up from last year’s post, I wanted to document another quick progress report as we continue to work toward cultivating an edible landscape here in the wild yard of our home in Sequim, WA. This year had its ups and downs, but overall we saw some big improvements in our gardening efforts as we start getting a little more accustomed to the climate!

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1 Year in Edible Yardwork

Our planet has made a full trip around the sun since we found our home on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and moved into our beloved, wild yard. To celebrate the occasion, you’re invited to join me for a photo tour of our first year of progress in cultivating an edible landscape!

We’re still pretty early in our growing season up here, so I don’t have much in the way of actual harvest-ready “fruits” of our labor to show off… but this is my 1-year progress report, and maybe later this year I can follow up with an update on the goods (along the way, you’re likely to see highlights on my Instagram feed).

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