California Date Shake Frozen Yogurt

Over the past week, Seattle has found itself in the middle of bothΒ a record-setting heat wave and a thick haze of smoke. Naturally, these conditions make me nostalgic for my days in southern California. (zing!)

In all seriousness though, I really have been doing some California Dreaming. With summertime in full swing, I’m craving sunshine and avocados, and generally feeling inspired by left coast vibes (the Cowabunga Lifestyle, you know?)

Given this set and setting, I got into the kitchen and combined two beloved regional socal desserts:

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What I ate in the SF Bay Area

It took me a while to get this post together, but last weekend I was lucky enough to enjoy a super fun weekend getaway to beautiful SAN FRANCISCO! It was only my second time visiting the bay area, and this time I had the pleasure of exploring the city with two of my very favorite gal pals who know their way around the place… So I was well-equipped for an epic whirlwind tour of nothing but the best stuff.

We joked that some of this stuff doesn’t belong on a dietitian’s blog, but let’s be real. If you ask me, it’s only natural that vacation eating be a little more indulgent than the everyday. Personally, I’m addicted to checking out foodie trip reports before I visit a new place… So if that’s your kind of thing too, read on for my take!

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Baja Fish Burritos

Let’s talk. Today’s phenomenon? Food tasting better when someone else cooks it for you. There are exceptions, of course, but as the star Food Captain of my household, there’s something special about enjoying a meal that was crafted with love by hands that were not my own. There are a lot of factors at play, but I contend that one of the biggest draws is the potential for cooking revelations. Basically, I’m a fan of my cooking, but I know all of my own tricks. I experiment with new things, but every move I make is informed by my tastes and experience. When we’re lucky enough to be at another cook’s mercy, we get to experience food through their skills, their preferences, their history.

This recipe comes from a friend who is a Really Good Cook, who made me the best fish burrito of my life thus far. If you know how many burritos I eat, you’ll know how serious this is (hint: this is pretty serious.)

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