What I ate in Seattle

I had the pleasure of spending last weekend in Seattle, WA. My brother and his wife live up there, and they hosted Grant and I for a trip so jam-packed with local fun and amazing food that we are ready to move into their guest room permanently! In the same vein as my last food-focused San Francisco travel report, read on for my top highlights from the weekend.

We started our festivities early on Friday with breakfast at Morsel in Ballard. If you want the best, freshly-baked, big-as-your-face biscuit sandwich you’ve ever had, this is your place. I chose one of the daily special arugula-garlic biscuits as the foundation for my rendition of “The Goat,” which pairs goat cheese with thinly sliced cucumber and tomato jam. I opted to add a fried egg (good decision). The guys made a good decision too, both ordering “The Spanish Fly” with egg, manchego, prosciutto, arugula and pepper aioli. We also had the first of many flawless cappuccinos and lattes (Seattle, you are really on point with that business).

What I ate in Seattle: Morsel

We walked off that deliciousness by trekking all over the city. We started downtown with a stroll through Pike’s Place, took in the views from the Columbia Center, made our way to the international district (where else can you find mocha and pina colada flavored fortune cookies, straight off the factory lines?), the U district, Green Lake Park… each place with its own unique local flavor, totally fascinating.

After all that, we picked up a late lunch at Un Bien – they sell INCREDIBLY GOOD Latin/Caribbean style sandwiches. They’re made on a fresh crusty baguette with cilantro, pickled jalapenos, caramelized onions, lettuce, aioli, and whatever protein you choose (sirloin for me) with a magical citrus-y marinade.  I was too busy digging in to take a photo myself, but if you look at their Yelp page I think you’ll get the idea.

That night, we headed out to Ballard Beer where they have a wide selection of local brews, and beautiful community tables that are welcoming to both dogs and board games. We took advantage of both.

What I ate in Seattle: Ballard Beer

Next door, Lil Woody’s makes a mean grass-fed burger too!

The next morning, my sister-in-law secured her position as Hostess with the Most-ess by surprising us with pastries from Cafe Besalu (buttery, flaky, and graced with peak-season summer fruits – this place definitely lives up to its reputation) and firing up their espresso machine for homemade lattes!! Seattle hospitality at its finest!

After that, we escaped from the city with a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. On top of the natural beauty and small-town charm, the trip is worth it just for the lunch at The Harbor Public House. Do yourself a favor and relax on their scenic patio with some epic local seafood. I ordered the smoked salmon tartine: mixed greens, a slice of whole-grain sourdough, goat cheese, and their incredible house-smoked salmon topped with tomato, red onion and capers. I’m still dreaming about it.

What I ate in Seattle: The Harbor Public House

After making our way back to the mainland and seeing a few more sights, we decided to refuel with a quick healthy dinner. As a health-food-nerd, I was excited to check out a co-op market that I’ve heard a lot about since my brother started working at their offices: PCC. I was not disappointed – it was like Sprouts on steroids, with a prepared food section that puts Whole Foods to shame. The spread below includes their curried tempeh/veggies, pesto tortellini, Emerald City Salad, quinoa tabouli, Moroccan eggplant, and a sesame-glazed chicken wing. All freshly-made, healthy and delicious!

What I ate in Seattle: PCC!

We had an early flight Sunday, so before heading to the airport we had time for one more epic vacation brunch at Chinook’s. We had a beautiful waterfront view, and every breakfast is served with a basket of freshly baked scones with orange butter! Charmed again by the local produce, I ordered a stack of huckleberry pancakes. A sweet finish to a delicious trip!

What I ate in Seattle: Chinook's

After having such a great time, I know I’ll be back again soon. If you have suggestions to share, let me know with a comment!

What I ate in the SF Bay Area

It took me a while to get this post together, but last weekend I was lucky enough to enjoy a super fun weekend getaway to beautiful SAN FRANCISCO! It was only my second time visiting the bay area, and this time I had the pleasure of exploring the city with two of my very favorite gal pals who know their way around the place… So I was well-equipped for an epic whirlwind tour of nothing but the best stuff.

We joked that some of this stuff doesn’t belong on a dietitian’s blog, but let’s be real. If you ask me, it’s only natural that vacation eating be a little more indulgent than the everyday. Personally, I’m addicted to checking out foodie trip reports before I visit a new place… So if that’s your kind of thing too, read on for my take!

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Florida Faves

Whew, back to reality. I’m back in San Diego again after a long weekend in the small town where I grew up in central Florida, to see my brother get married. In typical Florida fashion, the nice weekend was punctuated with pretty severe thunderstorms (complete with tornado warning) exactly at wedding-o’-clock. But it didn’t slow us down from having the best weekend! My little dog Chuy even got to come; I was nervous about hauling him on a airplane, but he loves my parents’ farm so much that I had to bring him along. Not completely stress-free, but he was a pretty good boy!

I was so preoccupied with the whirlwind of family events, that I kind of completely dropped out of social media. Whoops. But I still want to share a few shots of the special local foods and experiences that I like to enjoy when I travel home. It’s a nice opportunity to look back and get inspired by the flavors of the region. So let’s enjoy these glimpses of Florida’s Treasure Coast through the eyes of a visiting native / foodie dietitian!

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RD Airplane Snack Survival Kit

Today I’m lucky enough to send an update from FLORIDA, where I’m spending the weekend (woohoo!). Traveling from my home to my hometown is an all-day affair, so I thought I’d take this chance to talk about how I keep myself nourished on a cross-country flight… because life’s too short to subsist on the world’s smallest bag of pretzels.

My kit includes things that:

  • Are without liquids – the only reason TSA will confiscate your munchies are if they are jealous that your lunch looks better than theirs!
  • Are shelf-stable at room temperature – cold-packs are a no-go through security, so we gotta stick with foods that will be safe.
  • Supply good doses of the nutrients and fiber that are tough to get enough of when traveling.
  • Easy to eat in cramped conditions.
  • Inoffensive to your seatmates – nothing is worse than sitting next to smelly food.
  • Interesting enough that we’re not tempted to ditch them in favor of whatever terrible airport food that we’ll regret later.

Get out a couple pieces of tupperware or some of my favorite reusable snack bags, and let’s fill ’em up with goodies!

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